Platform: GradeScores
Sector: Education
Target: Sponsors, Parents, Educators and Students

The Objectives

  • To work with schools, parents, sponsors and students to promote accountability of academic performance by students for future reference & evaluation
  • To provide an online platform where career masters and staff can easily access updated subject combination requirements per course, cutoff points per course, courses per university, among other information and guide the students
  • To expose the students to opportunities such as the various local & international scholarships available for high school and university studies.
  • Challenges we are addressing

  • Poor archiving; misplacement of class termly results by students and parents: very few parents keep track of student’s class results provided by the school every end of term. Some students do not give their parents their results. This makes it difficult for the parent to monitor, evaluate & identify the student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Stiff competition to join university: Many students, despite challenges in particular subjects, apply for only the famous courses at the university, eg Law, medicine, Engineering. These courses are very competitive and thus limits the student’s chances of being admitted to university even with good grades.
  • Parents; Sponsors in Diaspora: The majority of parents & sponsors in diaspora who pay school fees for students in Uganda do not have the opportunity to look at and monitor the student’s progress on a termly basis. Others only have the opportunity after years, while others do not have the opportunity at all.